6/27 Classroom English Quiz!!!!

The following phrases might appear on the classroom English quiz:

Handling the Textbook

  1. Are there any questions about …. ?
  2. in the left-hand corner/ top part, middle, bottom of the page
  3. look at (A) on page (no.)
  4. look at the word, ‘….’ in line
  5. Let’s read from the first/second/third/ fourth line together.
  6. Open your books to page….
  7. Please look at the word list.
  8. Please read the text to yourself.
  9. Read (A) aloud (no.) times.
  10. Take a look at
  11. Take out your textbooks and open them to page~
  12. Write your ideas down in your notebooks/ in the box, on the reflection sheet.
  13. Write your name on ….

Student management

  1. Let’s do a role play!
  2. All those on this side, you are the group leader
  3. In your groups, I’d like you to …
  4. In your groups you’re going to practice that dialogue.
  5. Let’s hear this pair/ group.
  6. Please get into groups of (no.)/ Please make groups of …
  7. Please get into pairs./ Please make pairs.
  8. Please work with (Name)
  9. Students on the left/ right, you are….
  10. That’s enough!
  11. Turn around and face your neighbor.
  12. When you’ve finished, change roles.
  13. You don’t have anyone to work with, do you? Please work with (student).

Pronunciation and repetition (On the handout we did not review)

  1. How do you pronounce this/ this word?
  2. Listen to me/ Listen to (name).
  3. Everyone, repeat after the CD/ me/ person’s name.
  4. Say it again/ more slowly/louder please
  5. Say it in English please, not Japanese.
  6. Say/ repeat/ read the whole sentence, please.
  7. What is this word in Japanese?
  8. Where is the stress in the word?