7/25 Final Discussion

Please see some Rooster Pictures!!!


Interpret our lessons and give advice to future ETM Members:


  1. Edit CI Reports
  2. With your partner, reflect on your lesson.
  3. Please write the following into your Lesson Page:
    1. Write a paragraph summary of what you did in the lesson. The heading title should be Summary of the lesson
    2. Based on the comments you received and your CI reports, write the essential things you learned about teaching and content studied in ETM in your lesson page. The heading of the title should be What we learned
    3. Use the tag feature to give key words to your post.

Things to look forward to in the second semester:

英語科教育法特別講義A on 11/3 & 11/4 + 11/10 & 11/11, “Teaching English to Young Learners by Melissa Ngombe of University of Stirling

Special Lecture by Fiona Copland, University of Stirling (mid November)

ETM 4, Active Learning with Tim Murphey from Kanda Gaidai on December 9!

Remaining work

  • Please finish your ePortfolios by 8/4. You should write your Teaching Philosophy for ETM 3, your development in ETM 3 and put your CI from Fuzoku JHS onto the CI page.

Portfolio Criteria