Hello! My name is Allen Santamaria and I am an exchange student from the University of Alaska Anchorage. I am majoring in dual languages, which is the study of two foreign languages, with the concentrations being Japanese and Spanish. The story of why I decided to major in foreign languages is because I want to not only learn a new language, but also learn new cultures as well. It was from high school that I was taking a Spanish class, and I realized I was not that bad at learning it, and it proved to be fun. I also was interested in learning Japanese due to having some Japanese friends back home teaching me about the culture.

My hobbies include playing tennis and going out for runs. I enjoy going outside in nature and appreciate the scenery. My goal for the future is to become a teacher. Whether it would be a middle, high, or college teacher I haven't decided yet. However, the material I would like to teach is English, Japanese, or Spanish. Right now I am taking ETM3 in order to prepare myself to be able to teach English in a proper way when it is time to apply for the JET program as an ALT. Other goals include mastering the languages I'm interested in, particularly Japanese. I will soon be taking the JLPT this summer and if I were to pass that, it would open up more job opportunities for me in Japan. I would love to be able to have experience working in my home country, and in Japan as well. Thank you for reading my profile!

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My Development Goals for ETM

My goals for ETM is to be able to learn proper English teaching methods so that in the future I can know how to teach and explain to my future students how a certain things are without just saying "it's just the way it is, just remember it." Even though I've grown up learning English, I can't say that I'm qualified enough to teach it. I want to be a teacher where students would enjoy learning a language, just like how I was very interested learning Spanish in high school and Japanese from university. It would be great if people would not just remember me for my personality, but I want to be able to impress both students and teachers with a teaching style that would seem only unique to me. Whether I would be teaching English to students in America, Japan, or any other country, I will remember everything I've learned from ETM and my own personal experience to be able to teach students. Also with teaching a foreign language to English speakers, I feel like with ETM experience I will be able to teach the meanings and translations between English and said foreign language.

My Development in ETM 3 (Spring, 2018)

My development in ETM 3 so far consists of relearning basic English such as knowing how prepositions work and teaching lessons that involve the present, past, and future tense. While being the only exchange student in the class, I also have to try to learn some Japanese to try to convey to students should they not understand my spoken English. Therefore, some of the work I need to do in the class I would need to write in Japanese. Not only will learning Japanese help me improve my communication skills while working in Japan, but I believe teaching English to Japanese students and vice versa will be easier. 


My Teaching Philosophy ETM 3 (Spring, 2018)

My principles include that just knowing a language does not mean that one would be qualified to teach it. After reading more about it through the various handouts received in class, many fluent English(or any foreign language) speaker would just normally know correct grammar without the reason why. Hearing their language for many years they would just know what sounds right to them. I don't believe that anyone would be qualified to teach a language without learning proper language teaching methods first, and I feel like that will never change. Just learning basic teaching methods I feel like this class will build confidence for teaching English in the future.  私の原論はただ何か言語を知っていることがその言語を教える権利わけがないである。授業でもらった色々なハンドアウトを読む通して、たくさん英語のネイティブスピーカー、つまり、なんでもネイティブスピーカーが一般的に理由を知らずに正しい文法を自然に分かるである。何度間自分の言語を聞いていることで、彼らにとって自然な言語を分かるである。 私は誰かが適当な教え方をわからないと、その言語を教えてはいけないと思って、その意見が変わらないと感じている。ただの基本的な教え方を勉強することで、この授業は未来で英語を教える自信を上げると思うである。

My Development in Teaching Practice (Summer, 2018)

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My Teaching Philosophy ETM 4 (Fall, 2018)


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